ALGATEC II is a 24-month demonstration action, whose work plan has a concise structure that supports the workflow to achieve the project’s main aim: to verify and improve the purification of washing wastewater system for small-medium oil mills developed by ALGATEC to make the system more competitive in the market and to make possible the commercial use for the participant SMEs. The ALGATEC II work plan is structured as follows:

  • 3 WPs related to Demonstration activities,
  • 1 WP related to Management activities and,
  • 1 WP related to Other activities, dissemination and training.

The three work packages related to demonstration activities (WP2, WP3 and WP4) are focused on the implementation of improvements to the different parts of the washing wastewater system developed, based on those identified by the end of ALGATEC and some new ones proposed by the participant partners based on further studies of the system. In addition, it is aimed to provide a business plan, as well as a market analysis in order to appropriately introduce the system in the market and increase the likelihood of market uptake of the project results. WP1 (MGT) and WP5 (OTHER) embrace horizontal activities. WP1 is responsible for the effective and smooth management and co-ordination of the whole project. A simple but efficient management plan, including IPR management, is implemented integrating the different WPs together and facilitating information sharing and effective communication. WP5 constitutes a comprehensive programme of awareness raising, dissemination and training activities addressed mainly to SME partners and olive oil producers (main potential users), industry operating in different agro-food sectors, local and national authorities, as well as the general public. These activities will contribute to the uptake of the ALGATEC II system by the market and the general public.