ISITEC, is a German engineering and manufacturing company located in Bremerhaven (Germany), that was founded in 1996 and has 8 employees at the present. Among them 4 electric engineers (Dipl.) and 2 technicians, which all have professional experience in research, industry as well as development for several years.

ISITEC has several years of experience in the development and manufacture of complete scientific-technical systems to facilitate and enable research projects where technical and sensorial devices are needed. Here they design and build measuring devices for analytical purposes, simulation facilities as well as automatic sampling systems while optimizing costs and functions. Due to their great experience, ISITEC is able to realize every single project task like concept selection followed by choosing the fitting components as well as their assembly, technical installation and maintenance.

Further ISITEC does custom-made productions of electronic circuitries and microcontroller applications plus develops required software so that innovative solutions for all kinds of digital measuring and control systems can be found. If needed, profesional visualization techniques can be installed providing a convenient operation and monitoring. Also in this area of expertise, ISITEC uses the most modern technologies and minimizes costs at the same time. Besides all that, they offer maintenance and reparation services for all their systems. Since industrial automation of processes is proceeding and interconnection to other sub- and superordinate systems is required ISITEC offers development of new automation systems as well as modification, upgrading and adjustment of existing automation systems. The tasks ISITEC is able to undertake ranges from project analyses to selection of components until the programming and implementation of the system as a whole. ISITEC has participated already in EU projects and has developed control system for research purposes and for industrial partners.