ENCO srl is an innovation and research consulting firm based in Naples, with offices in Brussels and Rio de Janeiro. ENCO is especially active in providing services to SMEs in the agro-food sector, most of which located in the Campania Region and has led and been involved in several national projects supporting research and innovation for the agro-food business, acting on quality of food products, safety standards and innovation processes.

ENCO is taking part in the “Alimenta” project, financed by the National Ministry for Economic Development with the aim of bringing innovation and research results to small and medium sized businesses operating in the Southern Italian Regions. ENCO is specifically working, in partnership with the Agro-Food Department of the Federico II University of Naples and with other major stakeholders in the agro-food industry in Italy, at themes related to the diversification and optimisation of cultures with special focus on non-food crops. ENCO is taking part in BIOALGAL project, financed under the EuroTrans-Bio programme, focused on the development of a new generation of microalgal extracts addressed to health conscious consumers. In 2010, started ENBED - project funded by EACI in the framework of CIP- Ecoinnovation, Programme (call 2009). ENCO is partner of EU funded projects: ZEWIPRO, Zero Emissions Wine Production (funded by Eco – innovation - Call Identifier: CIP-EIP-Eco-Innovation-2010; RTD2FARM project (funded by the European Commission, Knowledge Based Bio-Economy programme FP7) to optimise access to research resources by European farmers.

Website: www.enco-consulting.it