The Cooperative Olive Agriculturalist Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados, which main activity is the production of olive oil, was founded on 1958 on the locality of Puente Genil (Cordoba, Spain). With the time, DESAM managed to be the first one of Spain in olive processing (reaching a maximum production of 36.000.000 kilos of olives). Two years ago, DESAM moved to a complete new and modern facilities accounting with the last available technology on the market. Nowadays, DESAM realizes two productive activities: the manufacture of olive oil and production of table olives. Besides these products, DESAM offers a great range of services to its associates: advising them for technical developments, accomplishment of assurances, etc.

DESAM has participated in research projects in cooperation with Spanish universities. In addition, it is wellknown the interest of DESAM in new technologies to solve current problems in the olive sector.

DESAM was partner of the ALGATEC project in which it worked in the system’s specifications, provided washing water samples, hosted the pilot plant, monitored and evaluated the results. In this project, their main tasks are: checking the system’s requirements during demonstration phase, providing washing wáter samples, hosting the plant, demonstration activities, among other activities.