BIOAZUL is an engineering company focusing on wastewater treatment and reuse concepts. Its product line includes complete SBR and MBR systems for wastewater treatment and reuse especially in remote locations. Other products (chemicals for wastewater treatment) and services are focusing on standard WW systems. BIOAZUL’s activities are divided: R&D and commercialisation of own products, commercialisation of 3rd parties’ highly innovative products, and consulting and management of R&D projects.

BIOAZUL has been partner and administrative coordinator of several EU projects (12 environmental projects) within the 6FP and the 7FP. In addition, technical activities have been carried out related to WW (treatments of municipal and industrial), food wastes (solid and liquid mainly coming from agro-food industry) and biomass production (for energy purposes). Due to the active role of BIOAZUL participating in international (Europe, Latin America, Africa, Former Soviet Union) and national projects, BIOAZUL has an intensive network of contacts, including the olive market, and a good understanding of the situation with regards to current research activities in their fields of expertise. With regards to membranes, BIOAZUL has participated in 3 EU projects: IWAPIL: based on a MBR to treat WW coming from camping sites and BIOAZUL carried out the optimisation of the prototype. In addition, BIOAZUL got the rights on the MBR prototype and run it in a hotel in Malta. PROMEMBRANE: to promote and focus research activities on membrane technologies for the treatment of WW in the Mediterranean Region, and PURATREAT: 3 MBRs prototypes were tested using different membranes as promising alternative to conventional WW treatments. BIOAZUL was involved in the evaluation of the performance of the MBRs.

Last but not least, BIOAZUL was the coordinator of the Research for SMEs project ALGATEC in whose results ALGATEC II is based.