The ALGATEC II project is a demonstration activity based on the promising results of the FP7-SME-2008 ALGATEC project (contract n. 232331). During the ALGATEC project, both the lab and field-scale experiments proved a system to treat olive washing water (WW) was efficient in removing the pollution load and in producing water of drinking quality that could be reused in the process.

Five European SMEs, from 3 EU countries, 4 partners of the ALGATEC project, together with a new SME specialised in market studies, will work in the optimisation of the innovative and easy to operate and maintain system developed in ALGATEC, based on: a photobioreactor (PBR), a micro-algae consortium and a membrane module system by implementing improvements in the pilot plant located in Spain, in order to improve the capacity and efficiency of the system, and therefore reducing its cost.

All these measures will lead ALGATEC II system to become more competitive in the market, and that would mean the opening of new market opportunities for its commercialization and for the participating SMEs.