ALGATEC II – Optimisation of the biotechnological recycling solution for olive washing water– is a “Demonstration Collaborative Research Project” under the Research for SMEs call FP7-SME-2012 funded by the Seventh R&D Framework Programme of the European Union. The project started the 1st of January 2013 and will last for two years. The consortium of ALGATEC II is formed by five Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) of three European countries (Germany, Italy and Spain)

The ALGATEC II project is based on the promising results of the FP7-SME-2008 ALGATEC project (contract n. 232331) and its objective is to optimise the ALGATEC system to make it more competitive in the market. During ALGATEC, both the lab and field-scale experiments proved a system efficient to treat olive washing water (WW) and to remove the pollution load, producing water of drinking quality that could be reused in the process.

Research for SMEs projects are included in the EU Capacities programme, adapted to the requirements of SMEs, which do not have the research and financial resources to transform their innovative ideas into products or processes fitting the market demands.